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project not updating 1 grothoff about 4 hours
Pybik failed about 1 month ago 3 B. Clausius about 12 hours
How often is a project's codebase in Ohloh Code updated? 1 Bruce Schubert 2 days
What is Ohloh's policy regarding "taking over" of an empty project? 3 ssnow-blackduck 2 days
pgn4web project updates stuck? 4 ssnow-blackduck 3 days
Code analysis for Freedomotic not updating since 3 months 2 ssnow-blackduck 4 days
Curator isn't getting updated 5 ssnow-blackduck 4 days
OpenConnect project not updating 7 ssnow-blackduck 5 days
Problem in update Code Location 4 ssnow-blackduck 6 days
Project not updating. 5 ssnow-blackduck 6 days

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