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Commit ID d1f310a526427770b8e8c8eb1b89b40f6b840970

595f7e2e689b48bb6d608fd56eb35984?&s=64&rating=pg&d=http%3a%2f%2fwww Contributor: Vessper
as vessper
Files Modified: 1
Date: 14-June-2008 at 13:35 Lines Added: 48
Repository: Lines Removed: 11
Commit Comment: 14/06/2008 (
- HQF: Show Info does not display if multiple slots are selected
- HQF: Show Market Group does not display if multiple slots are selected
- HQF: ctxSlot menu separator will not show if there are no previous menu items
- HQF: Fixed issue where modules would be loaded with a default charge
- HQF: Modules of the same market group can add charges simultaneously
- HQF: Slot context menu improved with respect to charge information

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