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Posted 14 days ago by sty21um
Hello, step 2 gives me an error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." I use .NET 4.0, VS 2010, I have valid KEY and SECRET. Any idea? Please help. Thanks.
Posted about 1 month ago by bmcn
I was going through the quick start guide and found that on page 10 the line
// get a specific directory in the cloud storage, e.g. /Public
var publicFolder = dropBoxStorage.GetFolder("/"); //Changed from /Public
returned a ... [More] PDF, docx and folder, but ignored the other 10+ files in that folder, which are an uncommon file type.

I tried opening the source files (AppLimit.CloudComputing.SharpBox2010.csproj) and digging through the code that way but I was not able to track down where the actual work is being done with reading back info from dropbox.

Is this a known bug? Also where in the source csproj is that going on? [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago by lf963Shen
I just download from
and execute DropBoxTokenIssuer.exe
but it doesn't work
like this
The Chinese in the photo means Server Error HTTP500
What should I do?
Posted 3 months ago by JusinFourie
I have the same problem and don't know what to do now because I need .net 4.5 for my applicaiton.

Will this ever be fixed ?

Love Sharpbox !
Posted 3 months ago by JusinFourie
I'm getting the http error code 403 while downloading a file.

: in AppLimit.CloudComputing.SharpBox.Common.Net.Web.WebRequestService.GetWebResponse(WebRequest request)
in ... [More] AppLimit.CloudComputing.SharpBox.StorageProvider.DropBox.Logic.DropBoxStorageProviderService.CreateDownloadStream(IStorageProviderSession session, ICloudFileSystemEntry fileSystemEntry)
in AppLimit.CloudComputing.SharpBox.StorageProvider.GenericStorageProviderService.DownloadResourceContent(IStorageProviderSession session, ICloudFileSystemEntry fileSystemEntry, Stream targetDataStream, FileOperationProgressChanged progressCallback, Object progressContext)
in AppLimit.CloudComputing.SharpBox.StorageProvider.BaseObjects.BaseFileEntryDataTransfer.Transfer(Stream targetDataStream, nTransferDirection direction, FileOperationProgressChanged progressCallback, Object progressContext)


The strange thing is that I can correctly login and I can display all folder and files in my dropbox account.
I got this error only after my app has entered into "production" status. When it was in test it worked perfectly.
Comments: ** Comment from web user: JusinFourie ** I had the same error there is even a reference to it on [stackoverflow](

Please could you guys fix this I need to use 4.5 in my application and if we cant get this fixed , I will have to use some thing else and I have really been happy with SharpBox [Less]
Posted 3 months ago by Benjli

I am trying to create folder in my Dropbox using Sharpbox (the code is in

I have a string variable named "str".
This is the code I use:
dropBoxStorage.CreateFolder("/" ... [More] + bellsreialnumber)

A exception happens ("An unhandled exception of type 'AppLimit.CloudComputing.SharpBox.Exceptions.SharpBoxException' occurred in AppLimit.CloudComputing.SharpBox.dll").

What have I done wrong, and what shall I do instead?

Benjli [Less]
Posted 3 months ago by bossinigianni
I had to use EDTFTPNET (
Posted 4 months ago by devmindstick
Hi sir,
My question is,how can i login in my dropbox windows phone 8 project with email and password?I am using sharpbox 1.2 API.I want that other user can access their dropbox account by my application.Please help me.
Posted 5 months ago by bossinigianni
I have this method:

private void DeleteFileSystemEntry(string name) {
ICloudFileSystemEntry fsEntry = FileSharingStorage.GetFileSystemObject(name, _workingFolder);
bool isDeleted = ... [More] FileSharingStorage.DeleteFileSystemEntry(fsEntry);

I use it via DropBox and WebDav to delete files and folders and it works.
When I try to use the method via FTP it doesn't work. It does not rise any exception, but it hangs on DeleteFileSystemEntry and I have to kill my application. If I delete the folder from FTP file sharing manually, it starts to work again.
If I delete a file, it works.

Some suggestions? [Less]
Posted 5 months ago by Birbilis
do you have SkyDrive integration too? (e.g. via