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The event-hpp project presents a set of header files to make it easier to use libevent in dynamic C++ environments, starting with the CINT C/C++ interpreter. Event-hpp expands upon the work of eventxx to handle everything from basic interrupts to buffered I/O events flawlessly in such an interpreted environment.

Note: Please beware that header files and classes that look like eventxx objects are modified, adapted versions that may be missing some of the original functionality. Please accept my apology, this was necessary to function in the current CINT interpreter. In addition, there are some header files that are clearly marked as adapted from the libevent project to work better with CINT.

Update November 5, 2007: I have just adapted this project to use the improved libev library from:

In the future, I would like to expand this work even further to make libevent HTTP, RPC, and possibly some other event-driven Posix-style programming easier in C++.

DocumentationPlease see documentation at:

StatusReady for inspection by CINT, eventxx, & libevent owners Tested on OSX (FreeBSD) Major TODOsIntegrating EvBufferEvent examples & documentation Testing on Windows & Linux


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