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ObjectiveTo make development and testing of network protocol messaging easier and efficient.

ScopeAs a network messaging testing framework.

What it is notNetCom is aimed to be sitting at application layer. It is not mean for testing hardware device or driver. NetCom is not mean to be a packet sniffer, although it is possible that in future a similar feature/module could be provided by minor development on top of existing open source options. StakeholdersExternal: Software programmers, software QA engineers, CS students Internal: NetCom Project team members FeaturesWhile the project progressing, the features will grow as well. You can always check the details from the feature list.

Project statusLatest release: Version (2009-06-15) Next release: Version 0.2 (2009-09-15 2009-12-15 2010-04-30) Milestones (Roadmap)Version 0.1 - The GUI app should be runnable at minimum. Version 0.2 - Modules for functional logic should be completed. Version 1.0 - Cover basic functionality to run unit test (TCP/UDP). PlatformWindows (NT based), Linux (Fedora and Ubuntu based)

Programming languageC++

Other informationAdditionally, you can also find the latest update or announcement from project's blog.

As extra note, it is also author's little personal objective to learn and to improve his programming skills (of course to have fun too) through this project.


In a Nutshell, netcom-simulator...



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