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Sico99's Plugin & Script RepositoryA place for me to host the XBMC Scripts and PluginsJust a couple of really simple plugins probably of no use to anyone but me. If anyone does like CNET TV shows or Zero Punctuation hopefully these will be of some amusement.

I think someone wanted an icanhascheezburger plugin I know I did.

I have also made an ITN video viewer, a Wine TV Plugin, an XBOX Twitter Client and still in development is a script to display a guitar tab for the currently playing song from ultimate guitar tabs. At some point I hope to get these into a fit state to upload.

Installation:Scripts:Unzip the file creating a folder Copy it into the Scripts directory on your Xbox Click on it to run the script Plugins:Unzip the file creating a folder Copy it into the Plugins/Video plugins directory on your Xbox Click on the plugin to explore the media


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