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Technical Issue Help : Errornous year entries

While analysing projects according to their language and first commits, I experienced some errornous entries for the years of first commits for some projects. E.g. the go-mirror project has first ... [More] commits in the year of 1972. Furthermore I have some Python, XML, JavaScript, … projects that have similar early commits. [Less]

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Author EmpWilli

Posted 6 months ago

Ohloh General Discussion : Hierarchical Cluster Engine infrastructure tool

The HCE project provides easy modern lite and fast cluster infrastructure tool as well as Sphinx full-text search support and Distributed Remote Command Execution interface. Please, see more at: ... [More] Does somebody have experience and time to check and to compare it with competitors and discuss his opinion? [Less]

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Author bgv-hce

Posted 6 months ago

Technical Issue Help : Enter the SCM committer ID under which you made these com...

When I try to encode my name 'Charles Moulliard or cmoulliard or' for Camel project in Ohloh, I get this error : No recognised committer with that name.Automatic date ... [More] calculation requires a valid committer name. Enter the SCM committer ID under which you made these commits. What is the issue & workaround ? [Less]

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Author ch007m

Posted 7 months ago

Technical Issue Help : Several "languages" (Tools) pages not working (give a 404)

Several links on the "languages" page result in a 404. The affected languages seems to be a pretty random collection: Scheme Puppet Elisp Erlang Digital Mars D

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Author sjamaan

Posted 7 months ago

Suggestions for Ohloh 2.0 : Claim authorship automatically

It would be good to claim authorship of a project authomatically if the author is registered, his github (or other repositary hosting) account is known, and the commit belongs to that account.

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Posted 7 months ago

Technical Issue Help : LOC incorrect after adding a .gitignore file to a Subvers...

I recently added a .gitignore file to Apache Axiom, which is hosted in a Subversion repository, in order to make it easier to use git-svn and because we have a Git mirror for the project. For some ... [More] strange reason, the addition of that .gitignore file had an unexpected impact on the Ohloh statistics: the LOC count of the project increased by more than 20000. A closer look at the statistics for the commit that added the file reveals that Ohloh counted some Subversion metadata files (in .svn directories) as source files: That definitely looks like a bug to me. [Less]

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Author veithen

Posted 7 months ago

Ohloh General Discussion : what formula used to generate the constants for below pol...

Hi All , i want to understand how did the below 20 constants were defined for the polynomial ( 0x18BB70000) , as i am using the same asm code in my project with different poly (A2EB) . can any one ... [More] help me on this Thanks in advance Shankar please refer below site precomputed constants these constants are precomputed from the poly: 0x8bb70000 (0x8bb7 scaled to 32 bits) .align 16 Q = 0x18BB70000 rk1 = 2^(32*3) mod Q << 32 rk2 = 2^(32*5) mod Q << 32 rk3 = 2^(32*15) mod Q << 32 rk4 = 2^(32*17) mod Q << 32 rk5 = 2^(32*3) mod Q << 32 rk6 = 2^(32*2) mod Q << 32 rk7 = floor(2^64/Q) rk8 = Q rk1: .quad 0x2d56000000000000 rk2: .quad 0x06df000000000000 rk3: .quad 0x9d9d000000000000 rk4: .quad 0x7cf5000000000000 rk5: .quad 0x2d56000000000000 rk6: .quad 0x1368000000000000 rk7: .quad 0x00000001f65a57f8 rk8: .quad 0x000000018bb70000 rk9: .quad 0xceae000000000000 rk10: .quad 0xbfd6000000000000 rk11: .quad 0x1e16000000000000 rk12: .quad 0x713c000000000000 rk13: .quad 0xf7f9000000000000 rk14: .quad 0x80a6000000000000 rk15: .quad 0x044c000000000000 rk16: .quad 0xe658000000000000 rk17: .quad 0xad18000000000000 rk18: .quad 0xa497000000000000 rk19: .quad 0x6ee3000000000000 rk20: .quad 0xe7b5000000000000 [Less]

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Author shankarsrinivasj

Posted 8 months ago

Feedback Forum : Widgets on dark backgrounds

Hi, I'm using the Stats widget on a dark background. This makes it almost invisible, because it has a transparent background. UIs there any way to set a background color for the widget? CSS styling from the outside into the iframe is not possible.

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Author schumaml

Posted 8 months ago

Technical Issue Help : Netbeans / File exclusions

NetBeans projects: I include the /nbproject folders with XML metadata in my Java repos so the modules can be cloned, opened in NB and built without further typing. Ohloh counts all the XML in its ... [More] analysis - including the NetBeans metadata. Excluding these files needs either wildcards, or more than the 1000 characters permitted in the exclusions file. It would be good to see the option to exclude some file types (e.g. .xml, .properties) entirely from the analysis [Less]

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Author sigtool

Posted 8 months ago

Technical Issue Help : Wrongfully trailing comma being added in project desriptions

I have noticed this with many projects. The problem seems to happen when the project's description is short. An example is this: "Lightweight and opinionated testing ... [More] framework for node.js and browsers.," For some weird reason, a trailing comma is added even though the description I have used is this: "Lightweight and opinionated testing framework for node.js and browsers.". [Less]

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Author XhmikosR

Posted 8 months ago